Shepparton Housing Strategy

Project details

  • Project: Shepparton Housing Strategy
  • Location: Shepparton, Victoria
  • Client: City of Greater Shepparton
  • Date: 2009
  • The Task:

    The Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy (GSHS) established a comprehensive and coherent policy framework that sets out a long term, holistic vision for residential development and housing change in the municipality. It provides for future growth while putting in place strategies to help positively manage and coordinate change as the city grows.

    The Outcome:

    The GSHS was underpinned by a body of extensive research, statistical analyses of numerous data sets, and qualitative information regarding local housing markets. This included a detailed supply and demand analysis that used innovative GIS techniques to manage and compile large amounts of data across the municipality.

    The process incorporated research on local, state and national housing trends, housing affordability, special needs, and market research regarding the views, needs and preferences for local housing ‘consumers’.

    The resulting evidence base was used to carefully craft the objectives, strategies and actions required to coordinate the many players with an interest in housing and ensure that the future of housing will better match the rapidly changing housing needs of the city.

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