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Save time, money & hassle with the right advice.

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We'll help you prepare and submit a development application to council for planning approval.

Development Approval can happen quickly

When you’re ready to turn your property ambitions into reality, our experienced team of town planners will help you get development approval fast.

How? Immediate and clear advice about what will and won’t get council building or planning approval, how to adjust your plans to achieve council approval, identifying opportunities to add value to your plans, and assistance in the preparation and submission of a comprehensive Council Development application.


Save time, money & hassle with the right advice.

Without timely advice, applying for council approval can be stressful, costly and push your timeframes out significantly.

Council Development Applications require a number of documents that can be technical and expensive. Using our team of certified town planners we help you by providing the fastest, most cost-effective route to successful planning approvals.


Speak to us about your plans. We’ll provide advice and clarify the process.


Receive a formal analysis & property report to begin the development process.


Prepare and submit a development application to council for approval.

Development Approvals We Specialise In

Our expertise includes residential and commercial developer approval, planning approvals and extensive experience dealing with municipal councils in Victoria and New South Wales.

Recent applications we have secured development approvals or planning approvals for include:

Residential Developments

  • Subdivisions
  • New Homes
  • Town Houses & Units
  • Dual Occupancies
  • Duplex Developments
  • Multi-Residential
  • Apartment
  • Buildings
  • New Home Extensions
  • Granny Flats
  • Garages
  • Heritage Listed

Commercial Developments

  • Cafés, Restaurants, Bars
  • Accommodation
  • Childcare Centres
  • Churches
  • Educational Facilities
  • Retail
  • Fitness Centres, Studios
  • Medical Centres
  • Factories, Warehouses
  • Offices, Office Buildings
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Industrial Use

Find out how your plans stack up

When you speak to our town planners, we’ll help you get the most from your plans. Are you missing opportunities to increase value? Will all of your plans meet council regulations? How can you adjust those to get council planning approval, quickly? What other considerations am I not seeing?

Tap into our expertise so you can confidently move forward with a seamless, hassle free application process.

Schedule a time to Speak to our Town Planners

We'll help you prepare and submit a development application to council for planning approval.

A comprehensive service for best results

  • Planning Advice

    Comprehensive due diligence and preparation of feasibility reports to assess and advise on the development potential for land and developed sites including subdivisions and bushfire assessments.

  • Development Applications

    Our town planners specialise in obtaining planning and development approvals from councils in Victoria and New South Wales. From discussion, feasibility and application submission we’ll help you obtain approval quickly.

  • Architectural & Drafting Teams

    Our trusted architectural and drafting teams work seamlessly with our town planners to ensure your plans have no issues that can warrant a refusal from council. The drawn plans are a significant part of your planning application. Using our trusted teams saves time, money and maximises your opportunity for a yes from council.

  • Project Management

    Smart Planning & Design provides project management services to ensure the delivery of your project up to Development Approval and beyond to building lockup and delivery. We have built an extensive network of trusted service providers including builders, architects, designers, landscapers and other trade services as required.

  • VCAT & Panel Representation

    Preparation and presentation of VCAT submissions on development proposals you may be struggling with. A cost-effective alternative to engaging a lawyer and provides specialist planning expertise. We have both the in-house expertise and access to a range of collaborators who can effectively represent you at VCAT.

  • Development Approvals After Development

    We can assist you if you have inadvertently developed your property without the necessary council approvals.

  • Urban & Regional Planning, Design & Approval

    Smart Planning & Design has extensive experience in assisting public clients with statutory and strategic planning, Smart Cities master planning and urban design. See our urban planning services and projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you achieve a high success rate of getting Council Approval?

    Our high success rate of obtaining planning approvals is achieved through our combination of private and public sector experience, urban design training and advice and strategic thinking and application.  We know how council thinks and we can advise changes to plans and strategy to ensure a faster more cost-effective approval.

  • How do you save time and money for your clients?

    At our daily team meeting we talk about and strategize and deliver on your project.  This is done for you and your project every single day.  In this way there is no down time or ‘scope creep’ with your project.  This saves you time by you having an active project moving forward daily which in turn saves you money.

  • What is a Request for Further Information?

    A request for further information or RFI is a formal request by Council for more information to understand and resolve your application.  We ensure that RFI’s are responded to quickly and thoroughly to minimise down time and ensure all of Councils queries are responded to in a timely manner.

  • Can you help after the town planning approval?

    We offer a full life service for your development up to securing the builder for your project.  We can project manage the post approval requests by Council to ensure your plans are stamped and certified and we can even source a reputable builder or developer to carry your project forward to completion.

  • Can you help with a subdivision approval?

    Yes. Not only do we get you an approval for your building or change of land use, but we will also masterplan and get an approval for your subdivision.  In addition, we can project manage the creation of the new land titles so you can truly realise the value of your land and development.