Moorabbin Station Precinct Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan

Project details

  • Project: Moorabbin Station Precinct Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan
  • Location: Moorabbin, Victoria
  • Client: VicTrack City of Kingston
  • Date: 2013
  • The Task:

    We were engaged, along with Charter Keck Cramer and Tra x Group, by VicTrack and the City of Kingston to provide an urban design and economic analysis of the Moorabbin Structure Plan as it applies to the VicTrack land at Moorabbin Station.

The Outcome:

Our report commercially validates the future development of the VicTrack land around the Sta on as proposed by the Moorabbin Activity Centre Structure Plan.

Our study provides:

A practical and commercial robust design framework for the Moorabbin Station which identifies the pre-conditions required to facilitate a transformation of the centre into a vibrant hub of commercial, cultural, residential and social life to generate sufficient ‘up-li ’ for development around, and ultimately over, the Moorabbin Station based on ‘real world’ analysis of residential, retail and commercial markets.

An implementation plan for future development of the station precinct, which satisfies the short, medium and longer term objectives of VicTrack and the City of Kingston, based on contextual market analysis and consideration of physical and technical opportunities and constraints for the site and surrounding area.

The study highlights the importance of an integrated and practical approach to the development of urban design frameworks and structure planning that considers strategic planning policy, physical opportunities/constraints, land economics/ housing market influences and traffic management to generate positive and sustainable change in Activity Centres.

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