21 Barmah Court, Frankston South, Victoria

Project details

  • The Task: To obtain approval for the development of a Childcare Centre at 21 Barmah Court, Frankston South, Victoria.
  • The Outcome: This 84 place childcare centre is a project delivered under the guidance of John Wall Childcare. The development is located within a predominantly residential area in City of Frankston, Victoria. The site of 21 Barmah Court is a 2,676m2 lot with an existing residential dwelling on it. We are seeking to remove the existing dwelling and develop a childcare centre on site. The childcare centre has been carefully designed to respect the existing context of the surrounding area. It is single storey in design, and features elements consistent with residential dwellings in the area. This ensures that the proposal has no negative impact on the amenity of the streetscape, and that it will sit appropriately within the existing environment.

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