The Power of Commercial Development and Investing



Maximise your returns knowing the where, when and how of commercial development.

We have brought together a panel of experts in crucial areas of commercial development including location, lending, and architecture and design, who will offer key insights into growing in commercial industries.

Trends are showing the ‘gig’ economy is driving growth in commercial fields leading to an increase in a range of commercial and service industries including cafes, restaurants, childcare, aged care and more. Whether you have been an operator for years or are considering starting out in a new industry or location, this event will educate you to make the most informed decisions about the development of your business.

Featured speakers:

Tony Nicolo – RESULTS Mentoring

Tony bought his first investment property in 1998 with his wife Yvonne and a newborn daughter! Since then, they have bought and developed many more properties, from established houses through to apartments and townhouse developments, even building a substantial commercial property that is tenanted by a leading fitness centre.

Tony is currently involved in multiple property deals ranging from development projects to commercial real estate.

Tony’s career experience has ranged from working in the motor vehicle industry to managing and providing support for people with disabilities. Tony has found that this experience allows him to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, and he enjoys supporting and developing people to maximise their potential to achieve their life goals. Tony also supports many active property investors as one of the mentors of the award winning RESULTS Mentoring Program.

Together with his family, Tony continues to actively purchase and develop properties for income and capital gain, and as a RESULTS Mentor he is able to share the benefit of this experience with the people he mentors.

Jonothan Cowle – Rothelowman

An Associate Principal at Rothelowman, Jonothan has worked, during the last 14 years, across a broad range of projects from, masterplanning, high density residential, retail, performing arts, and sports and entertainment venues.

Passionate about design and specialises in technologies that enable complex geometries and 3D modelling, Jonothan brings his valuable expertise working on benchmark projects to the Rothelowman design team.
Jonothan’s problem solving skills and unique technical ability has been used to deliver design outcomes that are at the cutting edge of contemporary architecture and engineering.

Prior to joining the practice, Jonothan was responsible for the design and delivery of several significant, award winning projects.

In addition to his role at Rothelowman Jonothan finds time to pursue his passion for teaching, regularly delivering lectures throughout Australian Universities on Architectural design theory and technical innovation and has taught Design in the Master of Architecture Programme at RMIT since 2004.

Phillip Richards – Endorphin Wealth Management

Phillip is the Director and Wealth Advisor for Endorphin Wealth Management. His accomplishments include being a finalist of IFA Excellence Awards 2018 in 6 categories including:

  • Individual – Holistic Adviser of The Year, Investment Adviser of The Year, Practice Principal of The Year
  • Company [Endorphin Wealth] – Holistic Advice Firm of The Year and Best Client Servicing (Company)
  • Company [Smart Home Deposit] – Innovator of The Year (Company)

He is also the winner of AMP regional new practice of the year 2015 and finalist of AMP New Advisor of the year 2015. He has built a book of 80 ongoing fee for advice clients paying around $220,000 per year and has bought and sold a number of properties over the years and currently has a portfolio of 5 properties across VIC and WA and building an extensive share portfolio.

Increase Your Property Yield and Sales by Understanding Local Government and Councils



Hear from leading industry property experts Jeff Anderson from Anderson Property Advisors, Hugh Francis from Ray White, and Minfang Duan from Loan Market about how they maximise returns for their clients by responding to recent changes in the planning and development approvals system.

As of July 31st, over 20 amendments were made state wide to planning controls and requirements, some of which will affect your development. With over four decades worth of property experience between them, the panel will discuss real world opportunities and issues relating to Councils in Melbourne’s North East including Whitehorse, Knox, Monash, Banyule and Manningham.

If you are developing in Melbourne’s North East, this event is a must to save you time and money in the planning approval process. Don’t let new Council changes to the planning system keep you from your dream development.

About our speakers

Jeff Anderson – Managing Director, Anderson Property Advisors

Commencing his real estate career way back in 1984, Jeff quickly established himself as a leader in this industry. He has held every senior real estate position and job title worth having in some of the most successful businesses in Melbourne. Renowned among his peers as a Master Auctioneer, with more than 3,000 auctions to his credit and many more property sales besides, Jeff has received many industry awards for his auction, sales and listing skills. With three decades of domestic sales experience in the South East and Inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Jeff is uniquely capable of helping you to achieve your real estate goals.

Hugh Francis – Director, Sales Consultant & Auctioneer, Ray White Forest Hill

Hugh is recognised throughout the industry as an established, successful real estate professional with immaculate attention to detail and exceedingly driven. By understanding the current marketplace and through building relationships with his clients and listening to their specific requirements, Hugh prides himself on his ability to identify the most appropriate options to meet buyer and seller expectations.

Minfang Duan – Business Development Manager, Loan Market

Minfang is a rising star within the finance industry who provides himself on his strong industry relationships. He takes the time to understand your situation and to provide a financing option to suit. Minfang currently works for Loan Market who are an industry leading mortgage broker that aims to provide the best outcomes for clients to achieve their property dreams.

The Risks of Contaminated Land: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly



About to undertake a major property transaction?

Dealing with potentially contaminated land?

When conducting a commercial real estate transaction, hidden environmental risks and liabilities can be devastating, costing up to millions of dollars.

If you’re about to undertake a major property transaction including a purchase, sale, lease or refinancing, then environmental due diligence will be a key tool for managing risks and avoiding liabilities.

This seminar will inform the various stakeholders of potentially contaminated land of their responsibilities and potential liabilities. It will cover the various methods of environmental due diligence and the importance of conducting the requisite level of assessment, depending on the project objectives and perceived level of risk. Hear from industry expert Ben Harley about the steps to take to potentially save you millions.

Topics covered include:

  • Potential stakeholder risks and liabilities
  • Preliminary Site Investigations (Desktop Studies)
  • Detailed Site Investigations
  • Environmental audits
  • Site remediation
  • Case studies demonstrating the good, the bad and the ugly

Ben Harley – Environmental Team Leader (VIC) / FMG Engineering

Ben has over 13 years’ experience as an Environmental Engineer and Project Manager in the environmental and geotechnical engineering consulting industry. Specialising in contaminated land management, Benhas delivered favourable project outcomes for various clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial and government sectors. Ben has also acted as the appointed Auditor’s representative on Environmental Audits in Victoria and South Australia.

澳大利亚房地产开发攻略-景观设计师和树艺专家的分享 | More Effective Landscape Planning Approvals in Victoria



More Effective Landscape Planning Approvals in Victoria

Developers often underestimate the importance of arborist report and landscape plan in planning applications which is why we have brought together our landscape architect Yuting Huang and leading arborist Dr Peter Yau for a one of a kind event. With decades of experience between them, you will gain insights into various environmental and landscape overlays in planning schemes, tree protection requirements and landscape design for better, more efficient and cost effective planning application.

There will be a Q&A portion of the evening so we encourage you to take this opportunity to have your important questions answered. After the seminar, there will be time to engage one on one with other attendees and grow your professional network. Please invite those in your network that would benefit from the discussion and the opportunity to meet with industry professionals.

Yuting Huang – Landscape Architect | Smart Planning and Design

Yuting has extensive experience in delivering customised landscape plans for property development projects. With a clear understanding of the planning and design process, she strives to provide practical landscape solutions without losing the sense of place and community.

Yuting also works collaboratively in international environmental planning projects. She has a background in urban planning, landscape architecture, psychology and construction, which enables her to work professionally effective in an interdisciplinary environment.

Dr Peter Yau – Managing Director | PSY PTY LTD

Dr Peter Yau was the first professional Arboriculturist appointed to the Parks & Gardens Division of the Council of City of Melbourne in 1976. He has lectured at Burnley College, The University of Melbourne, and has been supervisor and examiner for post-graduate research candidates in their research projects.
Dr Yau retired in 2002 as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria.

Now in private practice, Dr Yau brings to his clients in the public and private sectors decades of high level experience and in-depth knowledge in dealing with local governments and state government agencies, tree planting, tree assessment in land and property developments, litigations, research, education and training, pests diseases management and nursery production management.

Smart Council Insights Series: Banyule City Council Giving Pre-Apps the Green Light



Image by: Sam Laybutt (Ozroads)

Lodging a planning application with local government as a formal two-step process is becoming a more established practice. The first step, known as pre-application or pre-application, allows applicants to create and test their initial design without risks of launching straight into lodging with all of its associated costs.  To facilitate this in a progressive manner, Banyule City Council in Melbourne’s North East has updated to their pre-application process.

Banyule has implemented a colour coded ‘traffic light system’. Utilising this labelling system makes the pre-lodgement process more user friendly as the feedback is easier to read and understand for the private sector planner, developer and others in the development industry.

The lights labels are straight forward. Green gives the ‘go ahead’, Yellow is ‘be wary, there are conditions’, and Red is ‘stop, this is not going to get approved and needs amending’.  Below is the official classification of each colour:

Be aware, if you want to utilise pre-application services there may be fees involved. The cost of this service can depend on the council (councils charge different amounts for this service), on the size of the application (major or minor), on the size of land, and the format of feedback. Applicants can expect to pay for Banyule’s traffic light inspired preliminary assessment.

The choice is up to the applicant whether to skip this first step or not. Doing this step may lead to better development outcomes as it allows applicants more certainty before formal lodgement. It also decreases the risk of wasting money on aspects of a project as the planner and design team are aware of conditions before lodging.

If you choose to go ahead with a preliminary assessment of an application, our team has some 3 tips on receiving more green lights:

  1. Set realistic expectations for development potential

Get to know your lot and work with its’ limits. We can assist with this due diligence.


  1. Get to know your planner and take their advice

Your planner has a wealth of knowledge. Listen to their advice and implement it.


  1. Use objectives in planning scheme to your advantage

Spend some time examining the objectives for each clause of the planning scheme as these are what need to be met. Ultimately, complying with the objectives are the key to having applications approved.

What do you think of pre-lodgement assessment? Is it worth the resources?

Traffic Planning and Waste Management for Better Planning Approvals




We would like to thank everyone who attended our Traffic Planning & Waste Management event last night. It was fantastic to hear from experts Jo Garretty and Adelaide Webster from SALT3. With the everchanging way councils deal with traffic and waste, it was great to hear insights from people who are at the forefront of these important development approval areas. We hope you are feeling more confident and informed about the traffic and waste approval processes required for better planning approval. Thanks again to the great team at SALT3!

Smart City Strategies, Implementation and Development




Smart Planning and Design would like to thank all of those who made our event ‘Smart City Strategies, Implementation and Development’ a success. It was an informative night where we learned what smart cities are, what are the current policies and public and private sector initiatives and how smart cities technologies are being implemented.

Special thanks to our amazing guest speakers Adam Beck, Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand and Jessica Christiansen-Franks, Co-founder and CEO of Neighbourlytics.




澳大利亚房产开发全攻略 – 城市规划师的经验分享| A Guide to the Planning System in Victoria

Watch Urban Planner Chun Guo from Smart Planning and Design share her experience in the planning system. The presentation was given in Chinese to enable all our developer friends and collaborators to understand the planning and development landscape for them to achieve their development goals. Look out for more future seminars and events!

Newcastle Smart City Strategy

Newcastle City Council


Newcastle City Council



The task

To deliver the Strategy we brought together the ‘digital’ and the ‘analogue’ to deliver the optimum outcome for Newcastle.

The outcome

Smart Planning and Design has developed a Smart City Strategy for the City of Newcastle based on a strong evidence base, leading practice and innovation, input from the international ‘Newcastle Smart Cities Reference Panel’, and collaborative engagement with Council, key stakeholders, and the Newcastle community. This Strategy was informed by the Newcastle City Council’s Community Strategic Plan Newcastle 2030, which has a vision for Newcastle to be a smart, liveable and sustainable city. To deliver the Strategy we brought together the ‘digital’ and the ‘analogue’ to deliver the optimum outcome for Newcastle.

Newcastle Smart City Strategy

Newcastle City Council

Firstly, we focused on the ‘digital’ economy and opportunities. We brought our understanding of the new digital landscape together with the desired ‘analogue’ Cultural and Community driven outcomes. We reviewed all in uences across the quadruple bottom line, prioritising inclusion, activation, creatives and the community.

The project team and the international Smart City Reference Panel includes:

• Cred – Smart Consultation Strategies and Implementation • Urban Tide – Smart Cities Roadmaps and Engagement, Digital Technology Planning and Smart Policy Advice • Cogility – IT Architecture Specialists • SMEC – Smart Infrastructure Planning and Development • Integrated Transport Planning – Smart Transport Solutions, Transport Planning and Autonomous Vehicle Research • Hitachi – ICT Hardware, Smart Technology and Equipment

Through this strategy we will transform Newcastle by achieving:

• Smart Economy: Entrepreneurship and innovation, productivity, local and global interconnectivity • Smart People: 21st century education, inclusive society, embrace creativity • Smart Governance: ICT and eGovernance, transparency and open date and enabling supply and demand side policy. • Smart Mobility: Mixed modal access, prioritised clean and non- motorised options, integrated ICT • Smart Environment: Green buildings, green energy, green urban planning • Smart Living: Safe, culturally vibrant and happy, healthy people and places This work has been guided by our Smart Cities Mandala and the Smart Delivery Model.