Geelong Housing Diversity Strategy

Project details

  • Project: Geelong Housing Diversity Strategy
  • Location: Geelong, Victoria
  • Client: City of Greater Geelong
  • Date: 2007
  • The Task:

    The key initiatives was to create a Housing Strategy to address the most significant influences on the ongoing development of the Geelong’s urban areas including urban sprawl, contemporary changes in housing needs and the impact of urban consolidation.


In 2005 the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) prepared a Housing Strategy Background and Issues Report for the municipality. The study highlighted a signi cant need for Council to facilitate increased housing diversity in the municipality whilst at the same time protecting the rural and garden character that many individuals associate with non-metropolitan centres like Geelong.

The Outcome:

The 2007 Housing Diversity Strategy aims to reconcile these needs, particularly by providing certainty to the Geelong community as to where different housing types and densities will be generally supported or discouraged by Council.

Under this broad aim, the strategy addresses three of the most prominent in uences on the ongoing development of the Geelong’s urban areas, being:

  • The environmental, social and economic need to contain urban sprawl and improve accessibility to urban services in the City, principally by consolidating urban development around places of activity and public transport infrastructure;
  • The need to accommodate contemporary changes in housing needs, particularly the growing demand for medium and higher density housing that is being driven by changing housing preferences, declining household sizes and a rapid ageing of the population in the City; and
  • The need to manage the impact of urban consolidation and changing housing needs on the City’s traditional neighbourhood character.
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